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SpyBubble Smart Phone Spying Application
Is it possible to spy on smart phones without the user ever knowing about it? it is possible and you'll need a specialized application to be installed in the targeted phone. Next, you'll need a secured server to receive the spied data collected from the device to be catalogued and presented to you at an affordable price. This is where SpyBubble comes into the picture.

How easy is it to spy on a modern smart phone? Apparently, it is not that difficult at all. In fact, Fox New actually did a story about it. Watched the YouTube video below and you’ll understand what I mean.

Discreetly Spying On A Smart Phone

The ability to spy on any smart phone is both a good and bad thing. If you are an employee and your boss is trying to spy on you via your smart device, that’s a very bad thing because it is an invasion of your privacy. I’m pretty sure there are laws against that…unless you are the government and spying on its citizen is necessary for the sake of national security. But that is a totally different discussion.

Let’s say you’ve bought an Apple iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy Android smartphone and you’ve installed a spying app on the device and you gave the phone to your little brother, now is spying on the phone a good or bad thing? It’s good for you and bad for your little brother.

Let me share with you what I mean.

My little brother is 15 years old and lately he has been skipping school. He hangs out with a bunch of guys that my parents did not particularly like. My mom tried to talk to my brother about his behaviour but being a teenager, I don’t think he listened a bit. As an older brother, I knew I had to do something.

I wanted to know what he has been up to. Is he doing drugs? Is he doing alcohol? Is he getting himself in trouble? These are the questions I want answers to.

It is very unlikely for me to follow him around 24/7. The only solution I could think of is to spy on his phone. I don’t think my brother like to be spied on, but I wanted to know that he is safe and he is not doing anything stupid. So, I don’t care if he’s going to hate me for it. I got an iPhone 4S and gave it to him.

SpyBubble Software – Affordable Smart Phone Tracking Application

The first couple of smart phone spying software I researched online were very complicated. With so many functions, some cost over $1000 and had monthly maintenance fee. I wanted something afforded that I can use to view my brother’s incoming and outgoing text messages and also his GPS location.

The very first time I came to know of the SpyBubble software was when I was doing research on affordable mobile phone spying application on Google search engine.

Call Log

When I visited SpyBubble main web site at, I immediately like what I saw. It has the basic functions such as SMS tracking, call tracking, phone book access and also GPS location tracking. All the data are discreetly recorded on the host phone and send to a secure server which I can access from anywhere in the world. Very informative and convenient indeed.

Best of all, the software is very affordable also, costing only a one-time payment of $49.95. After going through all the testimonials and feedback on the web page, I was sold and wanted to download SpyBubble immediately into my brother’s smart phone.



When I clicked on the “Register Now” button, I was taken to the SpyBubble members’ registration page. I filled up all my personal information to create an account to access the secure server. I also opted for the Priority Customer Support option just in case I needed immediate help with the software. It’s an addition $9.95 and I think it is a valuable investment to get prompt service. Next, I used my Paypal account to pay for the software purchase.

The money transaction was very fast and after my Paypal money transfer was completed, I was immediately redirected to the page where I could download SpyBubble into the smart phone.

Secured Payment Page

Now, the next challenging part is to get the software uploaded into my little brother’s phone without him knowing it. I don’t think that will be too difficult since I was the one who gave him the smartphone and I can always ask for the phone to do a firmware upgrade. The following process is how I installed the spying application into the device.

Download SpyBubble In The Targeted Device

After you’ve made the payment for your online purchase, you’ll have to access your secured member’s page to log into SpyBubble server. I used the smart phone that I gave to my brother to access the page. Next, I clicked on the application link to download Spybubble into the device.


App Installation Icon

Since the device I gave to my brother is an iPhone 4S, I have to access Cydia to install the app. The cool thing is, Spybubble smartphone spying application was masked as a simple Radio utility app! There is no way he’ll know his phone has been bugged. I then clicked on the radio utility icon and the program was installed after a few seconds.

TermsTerms & Condition Page

LicenseEnter License Key

Next, the device prompted the terms and condition page. I click on the “I Accept” button and I was taken to the License Key page. I typed in the license key and then clicked on the “Submit” button. The software is not up and running!

If you have been searching for an affordable smart phone spying software on the internet, my suggestion is, head over to the SpyBubble website right now because they may have the perfect solution for you. Click on the link below right now because the application work and you’ll be glad you’ve bought it.

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